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Need help on a new distributor

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Posted: 04/19/13 06:00 PM

I am trying to decide what kind of distributor I want. One with ignition module and coil installed on the distributor or one that needs a ignition box and external coil. But im confused on how to wire it up. Ive read the instructions and know how to wire a distributor with internal module and coil because thats what I have on my truck now and the wire that comes from the firewall on the truck connects to the B+ terminal on the distributor cap but on the distributor that needs a ignition box and coil I dont know where to coonect that same wire that would hook up to the B+ terminal on the other distributor. Thank you for your help.  

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Posted: 04/19/13 07:39 PM

Wiring diagrams come with the ignition boxes.  
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Posted: 04/20/13 06:59 AM

You can also go to the manufacturer's site on the internet go get the wiring diagram  

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