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Trouble mounting an Alternator

My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 04/07/13 01:18 PM

We all like pictures, so here is my story in pictures.....

I built this....
IMG 20130407 160344 217 Zpse4abf6c9

and I would like to keep the alternator mounted on the original style bracket, seen here....
IMG 20130407 160255 367 Zps285c38c6

But the alternator will not come any closer than this...

IMG 20130407 160311 827 Zpscf231223

Because it is hitting my new valve covers...

IMG 20130407 160331 539 Zps69babfbb

I want this to be as easy as buying a smaller bodied alternator, but I dont even know if they make them.  Anyone had similar problems?  I really hate those universal adjusting brackets, and cannot afford a serpentine system yet.  What do you guys think?  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 04/07/13 03:02 PM

If you don't like the look of the universal type, it would be super easy to cut and weld in another inch or two of length. Just need a scrap of thick metal or a chunk of another bracket. Weld it good, grind the face of the weld flat, and repaint the bracket.  

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Posted: 04/07/13 03:17 PM

i see a bunch of different OPTIONS...

this is a delco 10SI replacement alternator for tractor and marine applications where the original was a motorola with an external regulator...


probably not a great fit as the lower pivot is 7/16" and farther from the shaft center than the 7127 style alternator you have...

pick up a second upper bracket..   chop the end off of your existing bracket.. and chop most of the loop off the new bracket..  TIG weld the two sections together to make your own custom LONG bracket...

or... go the other way and shorten the slot to a single 3/8" round opening... use some heim ends like is done on nascar..

this next idea is probably not going to be easy to accomplish...  in the late 70s and early 80s when ford had 2.3l motors in mustangs and fairmonts..  their bracket was too short also.. so they made a threaded extension .. in order to get the belts off one of these.. you have to loosen both bolts.. so it will allow the alternator to slide in far enough... yea.. i know.. its a ford part.. but its curved and might fit.. could you create something like that??? even with the bolts thru the original bracket from the back side..

this is a 65 to 69 corvair alternator.. a 10DN version.. the 10SI components mount directly into these..  so you can make it an internal or even a one wire alternator..



the top of the housing is smooth.    you could create a bracket to mount this and be totally custom...   you do have the 7th exhaust bolt hole on those heads...  you would need to use a conventional rotation fan.. as i seem to recall the corvairs have a reverse rotation cooling fan.. but you will be using 10Si components anyway...  i converted the one on my corvair/Vw van conversion..

lastly... chop up. weld together several sections...  using versions with straight bends for reinforcements...  once you get one that works properly as you are not alone in this problem..

lay some masking tape over it... then you can transfer the pattern to either your scanner.. or to another piece of metal for a fab shop to bend or a water jet shop to cut out and then get bent..
i would probably do the same on the inside face so you could figure out just how big it actually needs to be..  as the outside bends are different than the inside bends in surface inches..

i wish there was an easy answer..

these are JUST IDEAS...

and don't forget the brace to the back of the alternator case. as that will stop the case wobble while the engine is running..

there are commercial solutions...

SME 2001

Sum 420101 W

Bsp10620 Lg

Alternator Bracket2  

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My first time was in a Chevy
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Posted: 04/07/13 08:11 PM

I do kind of dig the aftermarket options, although I would like to find one unpolished I can paint black.  

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