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Mouse in an El Camino

I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 03/14/13 06:45 PM

This is just a funny, a gross one. One of the guys at the shop is doing body mounts and undercoat on an El Camino. Kinda jumped and cussed when he found this staring at him  Laugh  Didn't hit his head or anything but it was still funny, and of course once he removed the critter he pretended to eat it, etc. Maybe that edge was sharp.

IMG 1897 Zps0dfa0aa4  

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I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 03/14/13 08:57 PM

wow.. that is gross...

when i started up my 71 VW van with the corvair six... i let it run for 30 seconds.. shut it down to check for leaks and stuff..  there were mice.. crawling up from the blower housing past the fan..  seems they had made a condo there...   i gave them a few minutes to move out and then   i had to move it at that point.   as i started it again...  the last mouse out.. took a few steps... looked back at me and gave me a dirty look... and hobbled off on his toasted feet..  they had been living on top of my cylinders..

it took me an hour or two to demouse house the engine...



i built this in 87.. so far it has about 200 miles on it.. it just sits.. moves back and forth across the street...  

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Big Block power for the win
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Posted: 03/15/13 04:27 AM

You will Say NO But.... Early 70's I went through a series of Corvairs. I bet I only had Scrolled to the top corner of your pic when I saw the fan and Knew what it was. I knew of A bunch (4-5) of V-dubs with transplants and also owned a real Yenko Stinger. Scary Fast,would run 911's ragged around here.there was a Ghia that would drag the Bumper...  You Still Have One, that IS Special. VANTASTIC!!  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 03/15/13 12:38 PM


Back in the day I pumped gas. Well then if you didn't do all the checking under the hood, a person could get you in trouble. I lifted the hood on this 62 Chevy. This mouse greeted me. He was sitting on the R/H inner fender and as mice clean themselves it was doing so... He didn't move just kept doing what he was doing.
  I told the woman there was a mouse under the hood of her car. She rolled the window up. Then cracked the window enough to ask me to call her husband. (This was a very busy gas station). I asked her to move her car. She politly denied. I called her husband. Told him she was creating a big scene as she was not moving her car until he got there. I politly told him I was calling the cops.
  The story goes this mouse had been living under the hood of her car for months. Her husband never believed her. Mr or Miss mouse had a nice little nest down by the heater box. It was late Fall in New England at the time. The mouse was feeding on their cat food in the garage so it wasn't going anywhere....
  The cops showed up. The rest was history.

Bob aka-pepsi1  

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