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frontend specs

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Posted: 12/08/12 05:04 AM

`66 nova  v-8 what are the specs for caster, camber,toe-in. car has 2''drop spindles (I think) both tires wearing the same.Toein I guess.             shriker  

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Posted: 12/08/12 11:16 AM

friend I can not call out the numbers BUT anyone with a proper alignment rack will have the Specs.  

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Posted: 12/08/12 12:18 PM

As previously posted, a good alignment shop will have the right specs, but if you're trying to do it yourself...

According to Chilton's manual:

Caster; range .5-1.5* positive w/preferred setting of 1*positive

Camber; range 0-1* positive w/preferred setting of .5*m positive

Toe-in; 1/4"-3/8"

King-Pin inclination; 7*

Hope this helps.  
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