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Posted: 12/29/12 02:14 AM

When Cool or Cold Weather come around Race Engine Fire Up but they don't want to Idle. Its Carburetor Jetting isn't where it should be.
  In Warm Weather, Race Engines are more Tolerant, and forgiving. They can tolerate a broader range of Air-to-Fuel-Ratios. "It's tougher to get Jetting correct in Colder Weather."
  We have been playing with Air-to-Fuel Meters that just plug into the Exhaust System. This not only insures the Engine will run, but that it will Run Correctly and not Foul the Spark Plugs. With all that said.
  There are a few manufacturers that make such Air-to-Fuel Ratio kits. They are around $200.
  Here is all you do. Drill a hole in the Exhaust System, install, and Weld a Bung for an O2 Sensor. Then hook the wideband Air-to-Fuel sensor that sends  a reading back to a small gauge you can install in your instrument cluster, you will know exactly how your your Jetting is working.
  For the type unit we liked. You can get for the most part, 10:1:0 Is Rich to 20:1:0 that is very lean. Then using the Air-Fuel-Meter to richen your Idle Circut so the Engine Starts and Idles. We hooked up a data recorder so we could have playback. For the Engine Dyno it was a Pull under Load, at the Track it would be a 1/8th or 1/4 mile run. At the track you can check Air-Fuel-Ratio at Full Throttle.
   Its more Important to us, because if we Loose an Engine we can't call Wally's Engine shop, and say Wally send another Engine over I just windowed mine...LOL...
   Its so you can start your Engine and Idle it until your "Engine Oil Temperature" is in your operating range. Then you can run your "Drive-Line parts" to get them all lubed .
   Now I don't want you younger Gear Heads to Laugh. Back in the day we had to install a step or two Hotter spark plug heat ranges to run and warm up the Engine and Drive-Line. Then we had to remove them to install the Race Plugs...LOL...The one unit we liked was from Baker Engineering. They do a lot of business with the circle track guys, but its a great item. They told use they work really nice on Circle track cars, when they put them on the chassis Dyno.


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