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soooo the chevy 307?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/06/12 11:12 AM

Hi I bought a 307 and a tranny for 50$ in the intention to rebuild it and run it sell it for profit but I unbolted my tranny and I found out it is a m-22 rockcrusher I got pretty stoked about that for 50$  Laugh and I put my 307 on a stand at took it all part upon looking at the heads I found they're the good'ol 283 heads and the head bodies are 100% useable I looked on the old pistons when I took out the rotating and found out it is punched .40 over and stroked to a 350 so I got a little excited I've sandblasted one head so far and the tranny but I traded the tranny fora1969 chevelle thats 50% done a idiot-restoration (I have to redo everything) I want to beef this motor up and run a twin turbo just to make a point that a 307 cwn tun a tt set up. the rest of the motor is going to be custom build as well I already got a 4340 forged rotating for it I'll post pics of the motor the tranny the chevelle and the link to the turbo kit oh and I'm not going to dump like 5000$ on a turbo netics twin turbo kit for a 307 I know this kit is cheap and has small turbo but a 307 isn't going turn 83mm turbos so this is my best shot


twin turbo kit:  

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Posted: 12/06/12 11:29 AM

So you're saying it's a 335" motor? 307 bore = 3.875" .040 over would be 3.915" bore, correct? Then the stock 3.25" stroke crank has been replaced with a 3.48" stroke crank? So 3.48 * 3.915 * 3.915 * 0.7854 * 8 = 335, right? What is the rod length, can I assume it has custom pistons? Sounds interesting. I'd like to see/read it's story.  
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Posted: 12/06/12 01:00 PM

It isn't that they can't be made to run they just suffer from the same prob. as the 305 and that is the small bore restricts the valve size and flow.that one sounds like it may be close to maxed out you know the 307 is a result of the last of the small journal 327 cranks in the last of the 283 blocks.the first 302's were the 283 crank in the 327 block small 68 they used large journal stuff.  

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Posted: 12/07/12 04:40 PM

Hi there,
 If you want a shot at the title and in part
 try to re-invent the wheel then go for it.
 You have little chance of getting a solid 4"
 bore for the proposed power you want with the
 original block.1 in 1000 sonic tests average.
   I personally would totally disregard trying
 to use 2" inlet valves and 1.94" would allow better
 volumetric flow around the valves...I am being early
 on this inevitable point of conjecture which will
 definitely arise in the process of contruction.
  A Steel 327 crank is mandatory as you would know.
  This will reduce the size but not a worry as Smokey
  Yunick had a 209 destroker pulling out over 800 hp.
  if I remember right.
   I am very interested in your project and wish you
  every success...Skyeking in Australia...  

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Posted: 12/07/12 07:18 PM

Are you sure its a 307? Because you would not have a 5.65 rod in that. If you know for sure its a 307 send the numbers fron the block. Also send the number from the heads. A 5.7 rod is standard issue for a 307.
  You may have something someone put together, and the combination doesn't work. They would have to be specially made pistons.
  If you put bigger then 1.94/1.5 valves on that 307 you will have vavle shrouding. Send us those numbers from the heads and block.


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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 12/07/12 07:21 PM


That Smokey was way ahead of the boys at NASCAR. Everybody was going bigger and Smokey went smaller cubes. I remember when they couldn't figure what the heck he was doing. Just like his Chevelle....


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