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1970 GMC Swap some drivetrain from a 1973 1 ton

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Posted: 11/12/12 01:32 PM

Hey just wondering if you guy's can help me to see if I can use the disc brakes and rear axle over to my truck. I recieved a 1 ton with a 454, turbo 400 trans and was wondering how many parts I can swap over. Any help would be awesome.  

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Posted: 11/12/12 05:01 PM

I was going to do the same thing with an 80+/- model to my 67 C20. I think all the stuff will bolt up, at least the stuff I had for mine measured the same.

So I say it can be done. But in my case the weight rating of each truck was the same. One ton to 1/2 ton may get tricky.  
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Posted: 11/12/12 05:31 PM

not sure you want to use the 1 ton front for a street is ideal for a Tow truck.the floater rear is tough and heavy the gears are not to cruser friendly,A nice 454 and 400th tranny in a 70 pu sounds awesome,and the factory parts are good for street use,with modern changes of course.just my opinion a 1ton is a work truck.  

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