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SBC Heads

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/10/12 09:04 AM

I am working on a 1959 Chevy project truck, and have purchased a 1983 Camaro as a donor car and have taken the 350 TPI engine, 700-4r, 10 bolt posi rear-end, four wheel disc brakes, wiring harness etc. The engine is a 1990 truck 350 with a TPI unit that I am  going to keep. The previous owner told me he rebuilt  the engine, but during the swap I replaced the existing headers and found oil leaking down the valve stems. I thought , since it appears he did not rebuild the top end I figured I would find a set of heads. I believe from the casting numbers that they are the stock truck heads. The motor runs strong and delivers extraordinary throttle response. I, after reading the High Performance Chevy Book, thought to try a set of the vortec heads or the Corvette aluminum TPI heads. The vortecs would be the cheapest, but will the stock TPI unit bolt up to them? The TPI, I believe is from a 1989 vehicle in that there is no ninth injector and the fuel rail exits on the drivers side of the engine. Any thoughts you might share with me? It is going to be my daily driver.

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 11/10/12 10:19 AM

although you could most likely bolt the tpi intake to the vortecs and leave out the center bolts,...the problem is that the vortec intake ports are taller.   meaning you will most likely have a vacuum leak or terrible port alignments.  
 the best thing to do with tpi is usually to leave it alone, cause its, well,...tuned ports.   unless of course you want to get a custom chip burnt for it.   then that opens up some other doors, like cam swaps, different heads, etc.  

  the 9th injecter is the cold start injecter i believe.  to the best of my knowledge its only used for under 30 seconds on a cold start up.

   might be best to just change the valvestem seals and have the guides re-worked?    or look into the aluminum vette tpi heads?  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 11/10/12 05:12 PM

+1 Joe on just doing the valve stem seals, and check the guides first...

GM always did run more clearance on the exhaust valve. I call it the GM good morning puff!...LOL...But some could be excessive. What do the plugs look like. If they are all sooty take the heads off and get them to a machine shop.

Send us the numbers of what you have.we can decifer them for you. Grin  Cool


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