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305 Timing issue

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Posted: 10/14/12 03:25 PM

I have a 1979 K5 with a 1986 305. I changed the timing set because the original was badly worn. Edelbrock Performer EPS intake and 1406 carb. The engine runs great at idle, but when I go to time it the mark on the distributor is off to the side at around 10 degrees ATDC. I can't even retard the timing to where it should be, 10 degrees BTDC, and the engine won't hardly run and it diesels really bad when I shut it off. I can't get the timing back to zero. There is also no power. The harmonic balancer is good because I checked it after I changed the timing set. Any help is greatly appreciated guys. Thanks.
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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/14/12 04:41 PM

Did you get the distributor in one tooth off?

Are you setting the timing by the marks on the tab at the balancer or trying to match some mark on the distributor?  
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Posted: 10/14/12 04:58 PM

there is only one way we can help without pictures and that is for you to tell us exactly what marks (dots-O's)which is up or down where is distrubuter pointing when timing mark is TDC you must detail what you have done or all we can do is referance the Basics for you.  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/14/12 05:14 PM

All you had to do was remove the old chain and crank sprocket. Replace it with the new parts. Line up those (2) marks. Put things back together and it should have started up. Check it for leaks and drive it away....Are you sure thats all thats wrong with it?


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Posted: 10/14/12 09:42 PM

there are a few issues here...

#1... did you get the cam sprocket and the crank sprocket lines up properly...



notice the direction of the keyway with the crank at TDC...  don't look at the timing mark.. look at the keyway.. look at the center of the balancer where the 3 bolts to hold the pulley on... the centers all line up...



there are several different offset locations for the timing marks on small block chevys...
more than just shown here.. depending on the size of the damper and the year of the damper and timing cover...  note that both dampers below have the centered almost lined up..but the timing marks are way off...


get the timing mark somewhere between 12 and 2 o clock...  try to match the about 40 degrees right of straight up bolt for the pulley... do your timing marks even come close...  

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I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 10/14/12 09:57 PM

with a 5/8 six point socket on a short extension on a breaker bar... and a good friend.. if you get a friend to feed a soft wire into the #1 or #6 spark plug hole..   the two of you might be able to feel where TDC actually is...

you might also like to know.. that you can dead stick time the HEI.. .. the base timing can be set by having the crank at the proper base timing mark..

turning the distributer housing to align the pick up coil teeth and the reluctor teeth.. where they align is where the coil is going to fire at base timing..  makes setting base timing really easy.. no more needing to turn the distributer to get the engine started..  

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