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Chevy Malibu engine

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/03/12 12:43 PM

how big of an engine can i fit in my bay for the most amount of power and great on my wallet and gas? right now i have a factory V6, but lets be honest, we all like lots of horsepower, that's why we drive chevys  

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Posted: 08/04/12 06:38 PM

Are you talking about a 2004 front wheel drive Malibu.

I have 2 Impala's. 2006 that has a 3.9 factory installed engine. I also have a 2006 Impala SS with a 5.3 factory installed engine. My wife has a 2005 Monte Carlo SS with a SuperCharged 3.8. If these are what you mean by installing a bigger engine.

The Impala with the 3.9 will get 29MPG at 70 to 72MPH on the highway.
The Impala SS with the 5.3 will get 27MPG at 70 to 72MPH on the highway.
The 2005 Monte Carlo SS I don't drive so I can't tell you how many MGG's it gets....I can tell you this it's very hard not to play with the throttle on both of these cars, as they are very powerfull engines. Both are Drive by wire and I have never had a problem with either of them. The Impala SS will go over a 150MPH plus, and the Impala with the 3.9 will go to 140 plus. I had both of them reworked to run that fast. My wife has a 2005 Monte Carlo SS with a SuperCharged 3.8 that we had reworked to the State Police engine specs. That is also Drive by wire. That car has been up to 130MPH. I don't drive it, my wife drives it all the time. She's a gutsy lady at her age of (67). The SuperCharger has never been gone through either....Just a note all the tires have been changed to Z Rated tires on all 3 cars.

If you are thinking of replacing the engine in your 04 Malibu find an engine from a truck with a Vortec 5.3.I don't know if the 6.0 will fit as a replacement. They are power houses and run really strong. If this is what your planning to do make sure you get as much of the Computer systems to go with them as you can. Get all the pumps, brackets, hoses and PCM,ECM connectors.Get the  engine and transmission as a completed unit,radiator cooling fans and the whole nine yards...LOL...and this way you will have all the parts needed to do a complete engine swap. Maybe you can purchase the complete cradle. This way you will get the front sway bar and strut assemblies, the axles are more of a heavy duty part, as they do not have the touring suspension, they should have a performance suspension...
Good Luck...


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