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running rich

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Posted: 07/24/12 05:53 PM

I have a 1984 motor home with a stock 350 did a tuneup and plugs were black air cleaner was very dirty cap and rotor were replaced i dont think by doing the tuneup solved the rich condition. please help.  

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Posted: 07/24/12 07:58 PM

check that both CHOKE pull offs actually work...

the front one is direct off the front of the carb ...

the secondary choke pull off is usually controlled by the thermal vacuum switch in the air cleaner housing..   pulls it down off fast idle...

you could also have if equipped...  a bad vacuum hose to the EFE valve in the right hand exhaust manifold..  the Trap door at the back of the exhaust manifold with the actuator on it..

there could be several issues with the carb... can you post the number stamped sideways in the main body behind the throttle linkage...   1205????   stamped in.. not cast in..  that way we will know which version of the fuel control system you have. there are several...

did you also inspect the sides of the ignition coil for signs of high voltage leakage??
COIL Highvoltageleakage
making sure that the folded metal ground strap got installed under the coil...  

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