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uhhh valve???

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Posted: 09/22/12 05:17 PM

im having a problem with my hydroboost system.....i have an 80 model c-10 silverado and ive replaced the master cylinder, both front calipers and both wheel cylinders but i was still having a return problem.....then i turned my attention to a type of valve.....and now the name escapes me....but it had 4 ports for brake lines and it sat on the frame between the front was appearntly a dealer part only so i called chevy they said it was discontinued....please forgive my ignorance im 26 and just getting into older vehicles.....can sombody tell me what this valve is called and where to find going to continue looking for hydroboost schematics and try to find this thing....thanks guys  


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Posted: 09/22/12 05:35 PM

proportioning valve, would be my guess.  

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