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76 wiring problem

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Posted: 08/16/12 02:45 PM

hey guys i just got ok from my sister to have her 76.. big problem is that she brought it as a project but never started on it..i dont have a problem working on it. but te big thing is that the old owner was messing with the wiring so now the car can have the headlights and have the turn signels on at the same time. is anyone can help me out by prefering me to a good online guide or pdf that would be great.. 1st thing im gonna do is change the fuses to see if that does anything.

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Posted: 08/16/12 04:24 PM

since you have not mentioned what model it is.. but its posted in the camaro forum section... i am taking its a 76 camaro...

what you are going to want to work is to verify the wiring colors at the headlight switch.. are plugged into the proper location.. as that is the easiest place to attempt that...

what you are going to run into might bring yours and many other brains to a screeching halt.. is the side marker lights don't seem to have a ground...  well they are not directly grounded.

one wire of the side marker bulb is hooked to the turn signal wiring..  the other is hooked to the running light or tail light wiring..    this actually causes the side marker bulbs to flash out of phase with the turn signal bulbs .. yep...  it works..

i think your 76 is just slightly different than this 79 fire bird diagram.. but i already used my digital crayolas on this for the various head and tail light circuits..


autozone has a lot of info on their web site if you join, log in and find the repair info section..

if you have a specific circuit you have a question about.. or even a generic question.. do post ..  there are a lot of use here who can answer questions..  

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