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1967 chevelle maibu

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/17/12 11:04 AM

my 67 chevelle came out with a 6cyl and a poweglide trans..would it hurt the value or would it help the value to put a 350 small block in there,i was going to put a 454 big block in but cost alot more moneythe small block has had alot of goodies put in it and been done right, cost about halfwhat the big block cost. and should i leave the powerglide in or change out to a 4 speed . car is in excleent shape inside an out i am 2nd owner california car.everything is orginal now with the 6 banger in her  

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Posted: 06/17/12 05:01 PM

Go ahead and put the 350 in it, just save all the original parts in case you sell it one day and the new owner wants to put it back original. Smirk  

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