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gas tank venting

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/01/12 03:34 AM

I purchased a 1972 chevelle ,came with new gas tank but i have noticied fuel vapor odors.I have removed the factory installed emissions seperator from the backseat,(concern about vapors leaking into interior).how is situation handled normanly ,looking for safe way to vent tank, now going to atmosphere from disconnected tubing could i connect tubing to cannister and back to carb,any suggestions would be welcomed.Thanks


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Posted: 03/01/12 06:14 AM

The tanks before all the emission changes were quit different and simple. I don't understand the vapor recovery system in your back seat?

The tanks were vented back to the carburator or the gas cap was vented to atmosphere by-way of a small hole. The unfortunte result gas fumes. They are really noticed in a closed space. If the car has been locked up for a few days.

Then some had vapor recovery charcoal canisiters sometime located by the fuel tank. Some of those canisisters being so close to the gas tank got raw fuel in them and caused other problems.

Some tanks were vented at the neck of the tank just below gas cap. You will find a 1/32" or 1/16" tube usually spot welded to the filler neck. Your going to need a schematic on how to plumb and were to locate those parts.

I would look for a book on your (or internet?)your car about the fuel sysytem's and the location of parts. I can tell you this you don't want to overfill a vented tank on a hot day. Just the vehicle sitting in the heat can make the gas come out. It's nice not to have a gas smell in the garage, and especially if the garage is attached to your house!!! Sorry I can't be any more help but thats the difference, a vented tank or gas cap. Good Luck. Was you car restored by any chance? I just remembered someone last summer that had purchased a restored Chevlle or Nova etc and the rebuilder didn't know what to do with the parts so they put them in the trunk....He never got back to us.

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 01/12/14 03:19 PM

I am currently restoring a chevelle and purchased a new tank and sender. my car has the canister behind the seat which i am not going to use, I am running a vent from the sender back to my gas fill and using a rollover vent in the line for my vent. it is above the fill neck to avoid fuel spill from over flow..  

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