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Starter making a wierd noise not sure what to do

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 04/22/12 08:00 PM

i have a 1975 truck motor that i rebuilt and put a mini started on it the car was running and started fine. the past couple of days the started has been making a grinding noise and now the car will turn over a little but but wont start does anyone have any idea of what might have happened.  

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Posted: 04/22/12 09:01 PM

loosen the starter bolts about one and a half turns.. does the starter wiggle around any???

where the knurled sections of the bolts fit through the starter nose. they are supposed to be a tight fit..

there are 2 different sized bolts used on GM starters..   3/8-16   at 0.375"  or 10x1.5 metric at 0.392"..

i don't know what brand of mini starter you bought.  but it was probably drilled for the 10MM bolts..

DO NOT try to install 10MM bolts into a block threaded for  3/8 threads.. you will break the corner off the block..

this is a conventional starter.. see how tight the knurls fit in the starter housing..


just think of how far the starter can shift with 0.020" clearance on the bolts to the bore..  enough the starter drive will NOT properly engage..  

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Posted: 04/22/12 10:44 PM

You also have 2 different size fly wheels 153 tooth and 168 tooth..If it's misaligned it will make one hell of a noise..

Wayne has shown you the correct starter bolts, what puzzles me you say it worked fine for a while and now you have a problem it sounds like something came loose..There are also starter shims that you can use to adjust the starter gear depth. I agree with Wayne you need the correct bolts for that to work properly. Grin  Cool

It could even be the torque convertor bolts came loose from the flywheel...


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Posted: 04/24/12 11:44 AM

Howbout a cracked flex-plate.,. like this one in pic.
It wobbled and made weird noises too.


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Posted: 04/24/12 12:06 PM

+1 tuff.
You may need to check the starter gear to flex plate clearance as well.
Be sure the bolts are correct and torqued correctly as well.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 10/06/13 05:24 PM

Thanks for the info i tried that and shimming it, i think my problem is that the gear on the started does not ingage the flywheel properly how can i adjust it or if you have any other suggestions so i can fix this nasty noise.  

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Posted: 10/07/13 03:25 AM

which model of the mini starters did you buy???

did you check the bolt holes for the proper fit here the knurled area is..

some mini starters are drilled.. 0.375.. some are drilled 0.392..

since your block might be a 75... it might have the .375 bolt diameters.. and the mini starters having the .392.. its going to shift after you install it..

so list a part number off your receipt or starter box.. so we can check it..

you can also spray paint the  flywheel ring gear teeth.. then read the pattern when the engine is started..



post what you have so we can give you a proper answer..  

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