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rear tire rub

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 01/05/12 04:41 PM

I have a 1972 chevelle,purchased with a new set of Bf Goodrich T/A 255/50/ZR17
mounted on 8.5x17" cragar wheels.The car sit nice with this set up,but I am experiencing tires rubbing on rear fender wells.I have installed 2"shock extenders to gain extra body height to clear ,but tire still rubs when I hit a dip in the road.T he shocks are kyb gas,the coil seem ok but probably could change out because of age(40yrs).I could go to a different size tire but too expensive looking for suggestions or any one that has had this problem and has a solution.Thanks.

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Everything in my driveway’s a Chevy
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Posted: 01/07/12 09:17 AM

I have a 69 Malibu and I know there is lots of room in the wheel well for tires. What you need is wheels with different back spacing (to move the tire toward the frame) You can figure out what you need by taking the car to a GOOD tire shop where they will probably have a tool for figuring out back spacing. Good luck  

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