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More horsepower

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/14/11 01:03 PM

How can I get 700-750 horsepower out of a 305? Right now I have a edlebrock carburetor 650, a cam, lifters, a intake manifold, and hooker headers?  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 12/25/11 04:43 AM

In another place in another time maybe? You obviously have no idea what it takes to make 300 HP on a 350. You diffently  are not going to do it with a 305 without major cost.

Put a cam in it until it won't run, then throw a 500 horse power laughing gas setup on it. Get realistic.......... Grin  Cool

That setup you have showed save it for a 383 build.

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