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Motor Swap 307sb to 454BB

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Posted: 09/24/11 06:33 AM

I have a 1969 el camino which had a 307 motor and 350 trans. I want to put a 454 motor in the car. I have bought motor mounts and frame mounts for this conversion and when I put the 454 motor in the car it rests almost on the firewall. My clerance is zero. the valve covers will probably rub on firewall with running the car. The 400 trans that I want to put with the motor also has no clearence and will rub under the car. I have asked if there is a different frame mount for these two different size motors. I was told that they were the same, but as it sits it will not work? I can custom make frame mounts with an inch offset and I think I will be ok? I do not not want to hodge podge this car as I have had it off frame and have been on this project for it seems like forever. I want to drive this ride. Can you help me with some one or suggestions to get this car on the road. Thanks, Scott Erickson
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Posted: 09/24/11 07:54 AM

im not saying this will work for you but,...    ive moved motors foreward or backward where i need them, & just weld the frame mounts in.   of course you have to grind them to get em out.    are you trying to make your driveshaft work, or getting one made?   i use chalk on the ground & draw everything out right next to the car.  measure 100 times. Grin     hope this helps.  

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