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Battery Cable Question

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Posted: 09/17/11 02:40 PM

I just bought new Positive and Negative battery cables for our 1971 Monte Carlo, 350, 270Hp. Both cables came with side mount black colored terminals. Not even a Positive(+) and Negative(-) indication on either cable.
Is that the way they came OEM?  
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Posted: 09/17/11 04:49 PM

no... both cable wire jackets should be black.. but the shield around the side terminal bolt should be red on the positive. black on the negative..

what kind of cheep stuff are they selling you ...   why don't they stock the exact fit parts for your 40 year old car...  wait.. your car is probably 10 years older than the oldest clerk at the place you bought it .. probably closer to 20 years older lately..

this is what delco currently catalogs for that year and model..

Part Number:  4SD45X
Product Notes:
Battery Positive Cable

there are 668 applications that use that positive cable.. some up to 1995..  so .. you might be able to get a direct fit cable for those applications with the proper red color from the dealership.. or by looking carefully at the delco catalog to see if you can get a 4 gauge side terminal cable  45 inches long..  with a single side wire.. with the red cover..

these are some of the applications that use the 45 inch long battery cable on the positive side...
1995 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin Y
delco 4SX42  but it comes with the wrong battery bolt...  easily changed... but its several inches short.. and no side terminal.

1994 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin Y
1995 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin Y
1995 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin 9 (TOURING)
1994 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin 9 (TOURING)
1994 V8-281ci 4.6L F/I Vin Y

if you are not going original.. i would look for one in 2 gauge..
ACDelco 2Sx43-1J Battery Cable
ACDelco 2SX43CH Battery Cable
ACDelco 2Sx66-1   this is long.. but.. easily trimmed and reterminated at the starter end..

Part Number:  4SD30X
Negative Battery Cable

this negative cable decodes as.. 4 gauge.. side terminal..   30 inches long..  with a single side cable..

please be sure that you have a good connection from

the battery negative to the engine block

the battery negative to the body..

the engine to the body.. usually at the firewall..  

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