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GM Goodwrench 350 build

I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 11/06/11 10:04 AM

.. 19 1/2' SS205 Slickcraft bowrider, seats about 14, but weightwise can only carry 8 - 10 unless they're really small. My Merc #1 drive can't take the full power long. They say keep them under 5200 RPMs, but this engine HPs out about 5750... Kinda converted the Pherd 351W into a Chevy to get some power out of it, prolly had about 150HP and 2bbl. carb. when I got it, heads have Chevy 'fuelie' valves, Chevy style ports and combustion chambers, and Crane Chevy 1.6 roller tip rocker arms(were cheaper), Crane cam grind originally for Chevy's, KB pistons of style first brought out for Chevys, etc...

.. Also have a 22' Glasspar white/blue cuddy cabin 302W Merc. I/O...

.. Had a 23' ChrisCraft w/ Volvo I/O and Chevy 350", but it kept bending the lift screw... good luck...  

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Posted: 11/06/11 07:22 PM

Sounds like a real nice boat and years ago I also used Chevy rockers on a 302.
Buzz, it was a pleasure chatting with you, but I won't be on this site much anymore.,. too much flak and friction from Yellow Bullet guys, for my liking.
Enjoy the forum.

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