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5th gen Nova front and rear suspension

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Posted: 03/02/11 09:29 AM

I have quite the powerful engine planned for my nova but I know that obviously my stock suspension won't cut it.  I was looking for anyone who may manufacture a complete front and rear sub-frame/suspension/steering, the works, bolt in kits for my nova.  The front suspension is that of a 2nd gen camaro and the rear is that of a 3rd and 4th gen nova but will they bolt into my 78? Heidt's has the components that I'm looking for though with the specified years and models of gm vehicle being different. Here's a link to pretty much what I'd like to put on my Nova: for the rear , for the front  
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1978 Chevrolet Nova two-door hatchback

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Posted: 03/10/11 03:46 AM

Sir,when you say 5th gen nova,are you calling each body style a gen.change.? there are but 3 different chassis changes in the nova body style Excluding front wheel drive.your 78 is the third.same frontend as a 70-81 camaro/rear also.By 78 camaro's were in there 2nd gen.62-67 nova is gen 1.68-74 is gen.2.75-79 3rd........68-69 camaro is gen.1.70-81 is gen 2 camaro and that is where your research stops.I have a Heidts front end on my 63 nova and is excellent.where do you Live someone here may know of a shop that can help you.  

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Posted: 07/20/12 05:11 PM

4th gen Novas ran from 75-79.  5th generation was the early 80's front wheel drive foreign-looking compacts.  I'm having similar issues trying to find upgrades for the suspension on my 79 Nova as both the front and rear frame rails are angled slightly different than all of the camaros, older Novas and other muscle cars so most of the rear 4-link setups (Heidts included) won't work unless you want to do some hefty welding and modifying.  If you do find something PLEASE let me know as I'll be following this post closely.  Also, if I find something, I'll pass it along.  For now, my plans are to add an anti-sway bar to the rear, heavier anti-sway bar to the front, poly bushings from front to rear (suspension and body mount) and coil over on all four corners.  I do know you can get tubular control arms.  I don't remember where off the top of my head, but could find out.  

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