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1978 nova rear end

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Posted: 02/13/11 04:28 PM

Just got a 1978 nova all original need to know the gears that came in it in the rear..? Thanks Grin  

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Posted: 02/13/11 04:51 PM

depends on the factory engine trans combo.    4.11 all the way up to a 3.08  10 bolt or 12 bolt??  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 02/13/11 05:11 PM

There should be a code stamped onto an axle tube, probably covered in dirt but if you can find it I should have a book to decode it.  

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Posted: 07/20/12 05:22 PM

The axle identification code is the 3rd letter of the axle code located on the front of the right-hand axle tube, about three inches from the differential cover.  3.08 10-bolt was the most common, but can't be sure without the code.  

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