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looking at some 350's for sale got some ???'s

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Posted: 11/14/10 06:37 PM

ok so im new to the forum, but not new to engine building, just new to American motors. i peruse craigslist a lot and i see some motors for sale claiming to be a "Chevy 350" being that that motor was made for a half century its hard to know exactly what i would be getting. what are some things i could look for that would be able to identify the motor to me?

also im getting this motor to just rebuild and have fun with. but some day id like to throw it in a chevelle, nova, camaro, Monte Carlo etc. with that in mind what should i be looking for?

thanks for the help guys  

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Posted: 11/15/10 05:09 AM

some later model years will say "5.7" on them, meaning 5.7 liter/350.  on older motors you gotta run the numbers on the back drivers side, on top.   checkout nasty or .   the mortec site is down, but there are archive links to it. just gotta search a little.    the mortec site will show you what the #s mean & where they are located.      heres an example my buddy just bought saturday. 3970014,...350 *** 70-76, 2or 4 bolt main.  he paid $450. we got to drive it first. came with a brand new edelbrock carb & a th400 tranny.  

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