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water temp sending unit?

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Posted: 08/27/10 10:37 AM

i have a 70 c10 pickup which originally had an inline 6. i swapped in a 350 with vortec heads. i want to place a temp sending unit in the driver side head, while using the original temp gauge in the truck, can you recommend the correct unit for this gauge, and possibly the correct adapter to fit the head. thank you for your time.  

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Posted: 09/03/10 05:34 PM

The original sending unit for a small block in the truck will work for the gauge as long as the threads in the vortec head are compatable pipe thread.

Try screwing in the sending unit from the I6 into the vortec head, if it fits, SEALS, it will work for the gauge.  
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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 09/03/10 08:26 PM

the original  temp sending unit is a KEM TW3    1/2" -14 dryseal..

600 ohms at 100F,      83 ohms at 220F...

with a quarter inch round headed connector... (slides on from the side..)

the closest temp sending unit with the resistance at 200F that matches is a ford sending unit..

the original version in the 70 was a half inch pipe...

the vortec motor uses 3/8 pipe threads..  i posted the proper match a while back.. probably in the pontiac forums..

try this one

the closest i can find in the 3/8 -18 dry seal thread is for a ford...   Kem TW186, Motorcraft SW5051, Ford F5CF-10884-AA , F5CZ-10884-A,  

800 ohms at 120F,  100 ohms at 200F.,..   ( so it should be really close at 220F..)

at autozone, Duralast / Temperature Switch  Part Number: TU201  

try that...  every autozone stocks it...     do you have the old sensor...   dip it into hot water... measure it with an ohm meter...   then dip the other sensor in the same hot water... set you ohm meter to 2K ohms... or 2,000 ohms..  

it does use a different connector...    got a ford you can grab the starter solenoid push on pig tail from...  they used the same push on for decades...   sorry for the idea of putting a ford part on your chevy..

but the idea of having the gauge actually read the proper temp.. at operating temp....   who cares about when the engine is cold...      you can also.. use an infra red temp gun to verify the gauge is reading properly... at operating temps...  

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