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i have a 86 gmc sirrea 2500

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Posted: 07/08/10 07:45 PM

i have a 86 gmc sierra 2500 , i got 2 air pumps that i believe , hook to the water pump but i am not for sure , can me one tell me what brakit goes where .  

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Posted: 07/08/10 09:47 PM

left and right smog pumps are different.. if that helps...

i have only seen the heads off of those... they are even equipped with 3/8" exhaust valve stems.. rather than 11/32 on normal.. as its equipped with sodium filled exhaust valves...

perhaps someone will have a factory service manual they can look at..   they used that motor for a few years...

it has really neat stainless steel exhaust manifolds.. sort of a OE tube manifold  

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