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2005 Chevy Malibu shut off on me and won't start

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Posted: 02/15/10 07:28 PM

I was driving home in 5 o'clock traffic when I was slow in traffic my Malibu Classic shut off on me. I was unable to restart it. My father and I checked the charge in battery and everything seems to be fine. Seems like the engine is starving for gas. We think its either the fuel pump or crank shaft sensor. Does anyone have experience with this situtation? Please advise!  

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Posted: 02/15/10 08:24 PM

find a scan tool...  OBD2 version that can display live data...    you can look at all the sensors with it.. not just check codes...

you can see if the crank and the cam sensor are sending proper signals...

can you hear the fuel pump run for 2 seconds when you turn on the key?????

are any spark plug wires visible.??? can you throw a timing light on each of the spark plug wires and crank the motor.. see if you have spark...  pulling wires on an DIS  ( coil packs.. no distributer..) car can do damage to the module..  

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