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running hot

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Posted: 09/07/09 06:44 AM

Here is my problem:  I have a 65 Impala SS with a T&L 383 stroker. New stock radiator, stock style polished aluminum fan blade, shroud and an electric fan that runs only when I turn it on. 50/50 water , antifreeze mix with water wetter, chrome hi flow water pump and hi flow 180 degree thermostat. All with less than 5000 miles.

The car runs all day at 175-180, but when I get stuck in traffic the heat builds to over 260 if I let it but does not puke water.   How can I correct this problem as it limits where and when I can travel. I also have AC but I have not used it .  

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Posted: 09/21/09 05:15 PM

Check radiator cap,how far away from the rad is the fan? Has it done this since the engine was new or did it just start?  
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Posted: 09/21/09 06:04 PM

Overheating when there is no forced airflow through the radiator indicates that your fan is not pulling enough CFM's to adequately dissipate the heat in the radiator.

IF your fan is close to the radiator, I would try a more modern style fan, or go completely electric. The stock style fan (I am presuming that stock style meaning one designed to cool a 283) may not be able to pull enough air, and add in the stock replacement radiator, once again designed to cool a 283, the cooling system may not be up to par to cool the 383 at stand still.


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