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1970 chevy nova ss original 350 eng

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Posted: 10/01/09 03:16 PM

Ive recently purchased a 70 nova ss but the previous owner has replaced the motor with a 400 small block can any one tell me what kind of motor was originally installed in this nova ,casting numbers would also help ive heard the heads were #186 lt1 cemel humps  and block is an 0010 cananhy one confirm this info or give me additional info please  

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Posted: 10/02/09 06:30 AM

010 blocks are good blocks the engine code in the vin # will tell you the original motor.  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/03/09 09:54 AM

Available engines in 1970 Chevrolet Nova's
4 Cylinders 2.5L 1BL OHV
6 Cylinders 3.8L 1BL
6 Cylinders 4.1L 1BL OHV
8 Cylinders 5.0L 2BL   this would be a 307 not a 302...
8 Cylinders 5.7L 2BL OHV
8 Cylinders 5.7L 4BL OHV
8 Cylinders 6.5L 4BL OHV
8 Cylinders 6.6L 4BL

planning on restoring it?????    the only major visible difference between the 350 and a 400 is the harmonic damper and the marks on the ends of the heads...  the 400 damper outer ring has a recess.. where the 350 dampers are smooth on the outside..

this may help decoding the vin..

this one for the cowl tag

super sport package options..

this is exactly what you need..

it has pictures of the engine... and details in the photos to make it as close to original as possible,  

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