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86 chevy c-10 shift linkage

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Posted: 07/31/09 02:29 PM

i cant find shift linkage to go from my frame to my trans for my truck. i think the linkage im looking for attaches to the shift rod coming from the column and comes down to where the linkage should be which spans from the frame to the trans. its an automatic trans... lmc has nothing. any ideas?  

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Posted: 07/31/09 05:19 PM

how about a picture of all the parts..

i think there may be a pair of parts not shown...    on the end of lever 12 there usually is a compression spring and a plastic half sphere...     the spring pushes the half sphere both of which are on the end of lever 12 into the bracket on the frame to keep the end centered... and to stop it from rattling..

with a picture .. you can get the parts a lot easier...   gm will still have some of them....  

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