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glass top

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 07/18/09 08:44 AM

Hello, i would like to know how to keep my top from raising up at high speeds, (60+ mph)? if i open a window it comes back down. Thanks, milrtim  

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I have an SS396 tatoo
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Posted: 07/18/09 06:39 PM

it might help with a bit more information on what kind of car and what kind of top...

if it is an aftermarket hand crank top.. like found in van conversions... i would say .. the lift levers are broken... or missing...

i seem to recall that some sports cars like porsches and audi's that have a glass top use the glass top coming up to reduce lift at high speeds...     there is vacuum formed behind the car that has to be filled or it will start to lift the car...

...    does it come up when you push on it with your hand?????

if so... it's broken...   factory install... or  aftermarket.???  or 2 guys at the corner with a sawzall

hand crank,  electric,   lift only , retractable into the ceiling,  multi panel...

without info ... or being there.. i have given you  as much as i possibly can..

i just had a friend who lost the removable top off her vette on the freeway... only to be smashed by the big rig right behind her...  somebody had tampered with it at the impound..

somebody snooped under the hood of my old gto one day.. they did not get the hood latched back down tight... i took off at the signal...  part way through second gear.. it was like i blinked...  then i could see the chrome air filter and the fan spinning..    why can i see my engine..???????   wait... wheres my hood... i looked in the mirror to see a camaro convertible sliding sideways to avoid it.. but he hit it also..  who needs hood hinges...  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 11/18/11 11:34 AM

Great story!  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 11/18/11 02:10 PM

My buddie had a 1960 Ford Falcon with a small block in it. We always joked how it left. It hooked so hard all 4 wheels came off the ground. He didn't want to put wheelie bars on it. It was a 4 gear car. I wasn't running my car that day so I manned the video.

I was down in the water box area and I didn't believe what I saw. The hood came back (like your's Wayne) but his was at 122 MPH. If it hadn't been for the roll cage he would have "I don't even want to think what might have happened".

He said the car went into a tire shake on the small end and he said he could feel something wasn't right. He was slowing down when the hood blew over he said I'm hoping the hood pins would hold it. Let me tell you his eyes were 2" out of his head. It had crushed the A pillar and the windshield of course.

Oh what I didn't mention (Brain Fade) he made the hood open like a Vette, and the only 2 pins he had on it held it. Crazy

He was the same buddie that lost the front of the crank with the damper, and snout from the crank. I don't know if the farmers ever found the damper???... Confused  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 11/18/11 02:16 PM

Thats why back in the day alot of guys chained the hood down. 1.Just to prevent such a thing. Of course we had guys from another part of the state that had a 56 Ford with a 430 Lincoln engine in it. 2.They didn't want anyone to see.  

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