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Help! headers glowing on my new 350

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Posted: 07/31/09 10:49 PM

New 350 crate motor w/new 600 cfm holley and new hei vaccuum advance mallory distributor.  After running a few minutes the headers start to glow and engine will not idle.  Have checked that the distributor is set correct several times and talked to holley about the jets, which they say should be fine out of the box in this application.  Timing is set to 4 degrees advance. Could use some troubleshooting help.  Anyone have a similar experience?  Research so far is timing is off or too lean but it doesn't seem to be the problem as far as I can tell.  Anyone ever have a crate motor with the cam timing set wrong from the factory?  Anyway to check this without taking off the front cover?  

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Posted: 08/01/09 02:32 AM

A clogged cat. can cause that, if you have one. Also if it is running that lean your plugs should clearly show it(check your plugs). Make sure your your valves are lashed(closing) properly. Just a few thoughts of the top of my head. Good luck.  

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