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transmission linkage

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Posted: 08/17/09 11:19 AM

can i use my existing powerglide column shift linkage with a th-350 transmission? i have a 67 impala, thanks  

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Posted: 08/18/09 07:04 PM

yes.... but you might not get manual low gear with the th350...    

the PG shifts like this.

p r n d l


p r n d 2 L...

what can you do about it...  there might be slightly later detent gates available for the column...  out of a TH 350 equipped car...  perhaps a 68...  perhaps something later like a gm van with key on the dash..    somebody may know this....  but it does require a real tear down of the column...

but like i said.. it will shift...    the neutral safety switch will also be slightly different...    there is a difference in angles between park and reverse between the 2 transmissions...

make sure that until or if you decide to change it later.. that it locks into park...  
and that you feel the detent in the trans pass through R N and into ***  so you don't end up driving it in second gear..  

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