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going through cams 350

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Posted: 02/19/09 08:54 PM

Im looking forward to buying a block with hyperteck pistons and some aftermarket rods. Also comes with the wreck is 202 heads heads that has had the studs machined in, and weidman intake and a lot of other stuff that goes with the motor. But there is one thing,  the motor apparently has been through 2 cams.  supposedly flattening the cams. What should be my main concern and is all that worth 600 dollars?????????????  Also the block is .30 over
GIBTG wats your take, you college educated fella you, from the previous post ive read. Grin  

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Posted: 02/20/09 07:54 AM

It is probably worth it, I would definitely check your bearings, and go through the engine and be damn sure there isn't material left over from cam and lifter destruction.  It could be eating cams simply due to poor break in process, or using double valve springs, not having the rockers adjusted properly, not having the correct additives.  There are a lot of things that could cause the issue.  I would take the current cam out, and replace the cam lifters and valve springs with a matched set, and follow the break in procedure to the tee, using high zinc racing oil along with come comp break in additive, and see if you don't solve the problem.  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 02/20/09 10:14 AM

As "smokeshow" already said there are a host of things that could result in camshaft failure that may have nothing to do with how sound the block is. On the other hand, if the same lobes were the culprit of the cam failure both times it's reasonable to suspect an improperly machined lifter bore where the lifter is not perfectly perpendicular to the lobe. If you suspect this is the case, this is not usually a cheap problem to fix as only a few high-end machine shops can correct this problem and it will probably cost a couple hundred dollars as bronze bore liners would have to be installed, and you would have to debate whether to do this to ALL of the lifer bores in the block.

Do make sure that whoever rebuilt this engine after the cams went out did a thorough job of RE-BUILDING it. The only thing that can be done when there is that much loose metal in a motor is to strip it completely back down (even removing soft-plugs) and hot-tank it or clean it out with a power-washer and brushes, and install new bearings. Even rocker arm trunions can be ruined, so you prepare for the worst.  

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