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New paint w/ scratches/swirls, shop wants to buff?

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/02/13 01:31 AM

did you ever get everything done correctly or at least to your satisfaction? it really is too bad $#itty shops get away with raping people like that ... i had a similar experience with a shop called "GERBER AUTOBODY AND GLASS" IN LAS VEGAS those scumbags caused more damage to my corvette than it had when i brought it down for an estimate i left it overnite as it was almost 6 pm and they were closing in a little bit and told them i would pick it up in morning on following day to give them time to look it over and come up with an estimate. the corvette was one of 3 that i owned at the time so it wasnt my only car and i had to have it right back, but i go to pick up car and they took it upon them selves to start repair work completely unknown to me i wasnt happy with that at all and i told them 'WTF'are you guys doing i didnt approve and work to be done what are you doing they said since we already started the work just let us finish the job... boy i was pissed off about that as i only left it to get estimate because the lady who sideswiped it had "GEICO INSURANCE" and that is where they do  their estimates these SOBS ended up doing the repairs in a very unsatisfactory way and ended up breaking drivers side mirror, smoking the headlight motors so they never worked again, cracked my windshield, and while they had it we had a hoffific rainstorm for 3 days of constant down pouring rain and these friggen people left my corvette parked outside with the passenger window open so it rained on my brand new leather seats i had installed 2 days before the lady ran into car the leather seats split at the seams because of the inch of standing water in my floorboards when they attempted to tell me the car was finished and i could pick it up ... im standing there talking to this clown of a body shop manager explaining to him that all the damage that  was new to car now was in fact really starting to piss me off and i wanted it fixed well about that time i told him that was *** and as we are argueing out in front of his office my left rear tire now goes flat from their carelessness as they ran over a screw in their shop before bringing my car out to me. its starting to rain very heavy and i notice the passenger winddow is down about 3 inches and i attemt to roll it up and all i hear is the gears in the window motor stripped and grinding and the window starts to fall into the door as the wedge they jammed in between the window and the door panel fell outas im sitting there trying to roll up window up i notice there is at least an inch or more standing water on floor board on passenger side ... im fuming now as my windshield is fogging over so i open drivers door to pop the hatch to grab a towel out of back to dry seats off and soak up the water from floor boards and now i see that they had removed the switch from inside the door jam to pop the hatch and apparently lost it as well as they couldnt "find it anywhere" it was in the door where it belonged when i left it...grrrr so im so friggen mad i swear i was gonna have a heart attack if i didnt get out of there but dont forget i still have a flat tire now as well... i demanded to talk to the person highest on the food chain with the bodyshop as this weasel of a claims agent has now dissapeared as couldnt be found anywhere in the building so they send out this friggen huge guy who says he is in charge of the bodyshop and he tries to intemidate me and realizes that isnt gonna happen so as a remeidy to the situation he tells me that i can take the car to one of their other shops here in town and they will fix it to my satisfaction by now im realizing this shop apparently dont know how to do the work correctly in the first place i can only hope one of their other shops would be able to correct all they had done to corvette already ... but as my gut told me i was correct and they didnt fix anything including:
1. the flat tire on drivers side
2. the headlight motors both sides never worked again
3. the passenger window motor and or gears in motor
4. the new leather seats that were ruined because they left it out in rain
5. the carpet which was ruined as well
6. the crack in the windshield from closing hood with tools sitting under hood
7. missing hatch release switch missing from drivers door
8. the full tank of fuel that was in car when i left it (barely made it to corner to put gas in to take car home)
9. clean all the wax/polish off my engine and compartment area from when they buffed their crappy repair and splattered chit everywhere and just left the mess

im sure im forgetting a thing or two .... oh yeah they did replace mirror only after i had to locate and buy with my own money and deliver it to them  grrr im so pissed off just thinking about this i wanna go down there and kick the chit out of someone right now (those bastards are lucky its midnight now now and they are closed and its also now sat morning so i cant even catch anyone till mon morning) so i have plenty of time to simmer down by then...

its really too bad bussiness' are allowed to stay operating with customer relations as such  i did finally get ahold of someone at "GEICO " and i took it to a shop of my choice and got engine compartment pressure washed but they couldnt get an approval from 'GEICO' TO DO ANY MORE WORK  SO BASICLY I GOT BRUSHED OFF and  pretty much wasnt going to get anything else fixed or replaced finally i just gave up as it was a worthless cause and was only going to cost me much more money than i really wanted to put into car to get it back to where it was before so i sold it for a huge loss of money just so i wouldnt have to be reminded of it everytime i looked at it and ended up going down there and doing something i would regret and ending up in prison... so i chalked it up as a loss and put it behind me

sorry for the run-on story but it just points out that it is so hard to find somewhere that backs up their work and has pride in what they do and actually cares what the customer wants and NEVER, NEVER, LEAVE CAR OVERNIGHT FOR AN ESTIMATE EVER
i was going to the work myself as i have been doing body work and paint for over 20 yrs ....


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Everything in my driveway’s a Chevy
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Posted: 03/02/13 08:59 AM

just my 2 cents worth, BEFORE you have any work done at a shop CHECK THEM OUT!! Ask around, go to car shows and ask car owners who did their work and were they happy. I did this and completely trust the shop who did my car. the owner of the shop is a friend now and I keep taking work to him and recommend him to other people who ask about my paint job.  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 03/02/13 10:33 AM

4 year old thread...?  

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Everything in my driveway’s a Chevy
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Posted: 03/02/13 10:47 AM

I saw that. But there was a post from today I answered.  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 03/02/13 10:56 AM

Boy does this post ever indicate why I do everything myself.
You cannot control the acts of others to your satisfaction.
Always built my own engines for this reason and done 99% of all
other repairs or construction.
I built my own house for this reason too.  

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