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what kind of transmission should i put in my 67 impala?

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Posted: 01/21/09 11:48 AM

i have a 1967 impala with a 327 engine automatic transmission. i was looking at a TH400 - Turbo Hydramatic 400 - Turbo 400 but im new to this whole car restoration thing and i was looking on some tips on what i should get and where to buy everything i needed
any help would be great

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Posted: 01/22/09 06:49 AM

You're better off with a TH350. A well built TH350 will serve you just as well as a TH400, but you'll have less parasitic loss because the TH350 internals are lighter than the TH400 internals, and overall it's a lighter transmission and will save you some weight.

If this isn't a strict restoration, you can also look at adding a Gear Vendors overdrive unit to the back of the TH350 to give you a little better mileage for cruising.  

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Posted: 07/24/09 09:29 AM

It depends what you are looking for. There is nothing better than a '67 impala classic with a muncy 4-speed! However for ease of installation, I'd go with a THM 350 for longevity and durablity, although a good choice is the THM700R4. This gives you three speeds with overdrive and lock-up convertor for exceptional over the road fuel economy. Entirely your choice!  

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Posted: 07/24/09 12:31 PM

Check out the TH350c it is the same as a TH350 with a lock up converter to increase mileage.  They are abundant and cheap, and will bolt right up.  

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Posted: 07/25/09 06:39 AM

Any trans you choose will probably cost you about the same if you are starting from scratch. All are good. With an overdrive you can run lower diff. gears to get a little better performance out of the 327 in a heavy car like the Impala. 700R4 transmissions also have a lower 1st and 2nd gear ratio and the OD will get you better mileage on the hiway. Your choice, have fun deciding.  

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