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MY 83 montecarlos lifters keep ratling

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 12/05/08 06:39 PM

I have a 350 with vortec heads headers, highrise 750 dbl pumper, it will run lovely pulls strong all the time good oil pressure. I put new lifters but they keep rattling when i stop. They quiet down a little when i go and finally when i go fast there quiet.                                                                                                                   Another thing I found out was when i bought the car someone had changed out the lifters.Also it has hardened pushrods and locking nuts.SO i dont know what cam is in there or maybe it had some type of roller tip rocker and they replaced them with stock rockers. SO do you think i need to run stock pushrods instead, im thinking the ones on it now maybe just a little shorter ? can someone give me some pointers.maybe i need to adjust them down some more . but how far can i go  

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Posted: 12/08/08 09:48 AM

Sounds like they don't have enough lifter preload.  

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