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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/25/08 02:45 PM

i bought some fake white leather for the ceiling of my firebird ,what adhesive should i use?  
big block

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 09/25/08 11:51 PM

Hey Guy, does it have a foam backing on it if so it will be a lot easier to install with out having wrinkles in it. 3M makes a supper trim adhesive that works great. just be careful when taking the headliner backing board out of the car no to break the edges. to clean off the old foam you can use a hand held wire brush and lightly brush from center out to remove the old foam. wipe the board down good and sure it is clean and dry, lay your fabric down the way you want it,fold half of it over to one side spray your board and the backside of the fabric you turned over real good let is set until it is tacky then start pulling the folded side of the fabric back on to the glued side of the board and work out all wrinkles and do the same for the other side.

if you have any more questions just ask


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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/01/08 10:47 AM

Just don't inhale that stuff it takes weeks to get over it.Frown  

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V-6 Camaros rule!
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Posted: 04/07/09 08:45 PM

did you install it yet?? and how did it go??  
97 Camaro z28/SS

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