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gas smell in engine oil?

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Posted: 05/02/05 08:59 AM

Oil usually has a fuel smell about it so unless there's an unusual problem that can't be identified till the engine is started, I wouldn't worry about it.

Oil beat to froth usually is indicative of water in the oil. Water makes for either a mocha mix of foam on the oil or lighter colored brown streaks in the oil. Gasoline in oil does not do any of this. Water is present as a combustion by-product that gets around the rings and into the oil, or it's condensation of atmospheric water vapor, or the worst a coolant leak into the engine. The latter can be checked for by pressurizing the cooling system and chasing down the leaks, or pressurizing one cylinder at a time to see it air bubbles in the cooling system. The former conditions are an issue of getting the engine warm enough and operating long enough to boil water from blowby or condensation from the oil. Engines with lots of blow by have a hard time drying out as the water is constantly being replaced to the oil as the engine is operated. Chemically, by weight, water is the largest by-product of combustion so there's no way to avoid it.



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Posted: 05/02/05 01:51 PM

That may not be the only problem you will encounter with letting a vehicle sit that long. Unless you used a fuel stabilizer and had the fuel tank full, you are going to have varnishing in your carb and rust on the sidewalls of your fuel tank. You need to stabilize the fuel (the brand I use on my boat is Stabil) and run it a good 20 minutes or so to let the carb fill with stabilized fuel when you put your rig up for a long time. You might want to drain any remaining fuel from your car, change the fuel filter and put some good grade gas in it and run the hell out of it. If it hasn't varnished too bad it will flush most of it out. Then again you may need to take your carb off and rebuild it. If you have Injectors it will cost you ever more to clean and flush the system.

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Posted: 05/03/05 09:18 AM

Ive had that happen before and the foam was from not operating in the right temperature and having a poorly operating pcv valve.
I was running 160 in the dead summer heat so when winter rolled around I never got past about 150ish. I pulled the valve covers and freaked cause i thought I cracked a head or somthing...I just needed to up the thermostat to a 195.

My oil usually smells like gas though...Im not really a tuning wiz on the carburetors so it tends to run rich...I just know how to turn idle screws...thats about it.


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