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MY 1984 Z28 305 H.O. posi car

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 10/02/08 01:44 AM

I just bought, 3 weeks ago, this car. it sat for 9 years. got the motor running sweet, the t5 fixed and it has the posi 3.73 rear. now its body time, so am paing great attentin to the paint articul. mine also has alot of paint cracks and minor body rust and is all black. I plan on keeping it black with the gold trim work added. it use to  be a DARE car and is listed as having 2 antenna ( 1 mast and 1 auto extend), plus a hole for the light bar(LOL). any direction or advice is appreciated. Grin  

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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 10/13/08 02:13 PM

Keep the light bar and scare the hell out of kids late at light for kicks till you decide what your going to do.  

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