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camel back or ported 487 heads?

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Posted: 05/22/05 12:14 PM

Hi, I'm building a 355 to go in my 67 chevelle and wanted to know what cylinder heads would be best. I have a pair of ported and polished heads #3973487 with 1.94 / 1.50 valves. Should I upgrade to 2.02 / 1.60 valves? Or would a set of stock camel backs be best? The rest of the engine has a .454/.480 lift crane cam with roller rockers, performer rpm intake, 650 double pumper, 1 5/8 hooker headers, flowmaster exhaust, hei, turbo 350 with a b&m 2400 stall converter, and 3.08 gears. Any help would be appreciated. Also about how much torque would I be making? Thanks.

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Posted: 05/22/05 07:26 PM

sounds like a well mannered, very do-able combo, sounds great!

larger open chambers with less burn speed give up torque and give up torque to a loss of compression, ported, the heads can match up very close, probably with the open chamber actually flowing more if the stock closed chamber heads havent had some unshrouding to the head gasket line done, but on a dyno probably the closed chamber heads showing more power, , but since you have tall gears and a auto you are looking for low end torque so go with a set of camel back or 327 heads and do a budget minded bowl blend and go from there, also upgrading to larger valves shows very little, and actually depending on the amount of shrouding can actually hurt airflow, and really only larger motors and higher revving motors will like the increased valve size, where as a low RPM torque motor will like the added port velocity




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I mow my lawn and find Chevys
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Posted: 05/25/05 09:53 PM

The 487 has a pretty lazy combustion chamber. Camel humps, if you can find any, would be a better choice except they don't have hardened seats. This is solvable with inserts but by the time you spend the money to rebuild them you might just as well get some Vortecs or other aftermarket fast-burn type head, SR Torquers come to mind but there are others that don't require a unique intake like the GMs.

Piston design is very important. A flat top or if a dish is required to hold the compression at what you want a "D" dish design is much more effective and efficient than a full dish. A "D" dish against a fast-burn style combustion chamber with .040 to .060 inch closure at TDC will run 9.0 to maybe even 9.5 on regular or midrange fuel.



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Posted: 06/11/05 07:06 AM

if you indead have a set of camel back heads and they are in good useable shape...  not sunken seats and ported...

e bay  um to a resto  freak and then get a set of newer heads  like the one  oldbogie listed....  they'll make more power....

if going  cheap( and camels are trash)  then  late 305' heads flow o.k.  but have smallish chambers( need to watch the compression)  but will make lots lowend power on a 350  with a matched intake...  and low end power I mean idle to 4800 rpm...  after that they are reaching for the

but the midrange power is nice.... (the power band you'd be useing on the street)  like rolling along and at a 25-30 mph roll  punching it and smoking the tyres....  (chassis is stock?) 

fun fun  fun....  my sunbird did it with a 305 headed 350.  and the look on the mustang guy face..."priceless" 

If it won't move,FORCE it,If it breaks,

IT needed replacing anyways!!!!!!!!!!


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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 06/23/05 12:11 AM

the other guys could very well be wrong.your 487 come in both 194 and 202 so that is not an issue.i have a set of 993's which are nearly the same performance wise that i did the 202 upgrade to and there was no problem with valve shrouding.the thing that will make a difference is your c.r. and type of piston.will the pistons you are using give you enough compression to make the 487's live at 9 or 9.5-1.if you can get that much compression using those heads,i'd use them.on the other hand the 64 cc with fuelie heads may make you run more compression than you really want to.

what type of tops and c.r. are your pistons?

is it a daily driver?

does it matter to you if you have to run premium gas?

what size valves do you fuelie heads have and what size combution chamber?


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