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Aluminum heads, advantages or any disadvantages

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Posted: 08/20/08 09:50 PM

I have a 350 SBC 4 bolt main, with 1968-69 GM heads #3927186 2.02 & 1.6 valves, Chambers are CC'd and polished, ports are matched with the headers & manifold and are ported & polished. The cam is the same grind as the 327 Vett from about the same era.

I've seen  Aluminum heads for sale on eBay for about $700.00 a pair. How good are these heads.  Are these ment to be ported and polished? Or is that just old technology?

I know weight is a good savings, but are modern day heads so much better?

Would appreciate your comments.

Arthur Confused  

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Posted: 08/21/08 05:30 PM

Like you said, one of the main benefits is weight savings. Flow technology has come a long way, so I beleive there are benefits to be had there. However, I have been modifying cast iron heads for quite a few years and with the proper work, they can really come alive. High performance valve job, bowl blend, massaging the short turn radius, clean up the imperfections in the casting, gasket match, and glass bead, for a uniform finish. Of coarse you can go all the way like I do and equalize the combustion chambers and ports. Except for the valve job, the remaining cost is your time invested.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 08/21/08 06:09 PM

i am no hot rod expert by no means, but i bet you   a modern grind cam shaft would wake that thing up.

i geuse with aluminum heads you can run a little higher compression and more timing on cheap gas than iron heads. and thats always good .

a set of iron vortecs is  afordable way to get some Power but then you have to get a new manifold and headers ,by that time your  up to aluminum head money,so thats hard to justify if you already have a nice manifold and headers.

i would start with a better cam shaft.i bet that thing is holding you way back

this is all from what i have gatherd from all of the reading i have been doing,for my latest prodject.I am a diesel mechanic and not cars  

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Posted: 08/22/08 06:24 AM

The main disadvantage to aluminum heads is they're more sensitive to overheating than iron heads.

The guy's right above, a modern cam grind will really wake your 327 up, but if you're gonna get a set of aluminum heads, you want to get a cam matched to the specs on those heads.

Weight savings good. Heat disappation that helps against detonation good. Overall, aluminum heads are good, I'd get a pair.  

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I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 09/13/08 08:06 PM

what do you guys think about a set of 186 casting mild port, 202/160 valves, screw in studs, comp springs good to 600, erson 1.6 full roller rockers, stud girdle,and tall valve covers for 300 hundred?  

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Posted: 09/14/08 08:34 PM


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Posted: 03/15/10 06:00 PM

Do you still have the heads for sale? I'm looking for a set asap to goon a motor sitting and waiting.  

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