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700 overdrive transmission headache

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Posted: 07/01/08 09:11 AM

Hello fellow bowtie fans.  I Hope someone can help. I just had the 327 overhauled on my 65 impala ss.  I had the powerglide removed and swapped in a 700 overdrive tranny.  I also had a new shaft made to accomodate the longer 700 tranny.  My problem now is that we can't get the "TV" cable dailed in. The 327 sports the original intake with a 2 barrel carb.  I was told that the 700 tranny will not work with a 2 barrel carb. Is this true? I wanted to keep the engine as original as possible. This impala will be a cruiser not a 1/4 mile killer. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks.  

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Posted: 08/22/08 06:14 AM

Hope this helps...You may be able to use a throttle shaft bracket off another carburetor(Rochester?)4 barrel or a throttle valve corrector. You may need a replacement 700R4 Adjustable Throttle Valve TV / Detent Cable and bracket with the throttle vale corrector (seen on Monster or other trans websites). On most GM transmissions with a cable, the throttle valve cable can pull out of adjustment at wide-open throttle due to inaccurate geometry of the throttle shaft lever. There should be a specific degree of movement of the attachment element pivot point between closed and wide open throttle. Also, there should be a specific distance between the pivot points of the attachment element and the throttle shaft lever. When either of these two distances are greater than the specification, the TV cable will be pulled out of adjustment. A TV Cable Corrector (AS1-01K @ Monster kit prevents the TV cable from being pulled out of adjustment at full throttle by allowing the spring to compress and absorb any excessive cable pull. This is a quick and inexpensive fix for any transmission with a TV cable. I have not done the swap you are doing with a two barrel but I don't see any reason you can't use the 2 barrel carb you have. -Oldchev.  

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