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my car...

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/30/08 02:06 PM

ok. finally got all riled up on my first car... (i bought this one first i've had 3 since) i bought it in 2004, and im 18 now... so 4 years it's sat and waited for me to have the money. its a 1969 chevelle/malibu going SS clone... i have a 402 BBC for it that im building ATM with 10.25:1 CR, comp 292H roller tip rockers, semi closed chamber 68-72 BBC heads with bigger valves (going with 2.19 intakes and 1.88 exhausts) edelbrock torquer intake (the twisted one..) and a 3310 vaccuum secondary with a purple spring... (the shortest..) also the tranny is a TH400 with a TCI valve body. factory 12 bolt going to need a posi, and im gonna buy my dads out of his chevelle.

here's the oddball part of this car... it CAME with factory air, and a 12 bolt. 350/ TH350 car... someone told me it was kinda rare... but what the hey im gonna have it forever, and i want a big block. it will have A/C and creature comforts.

alot of my knowledge comes from my dad, he also has a 69 chevelle SS with a small block in it. track use only, and with a 350 smog motor and a good upper end it runs 12.41 at 106.?? yanks the front wheels off the ground.

(something i figured i'd mention is my other car... 91 cutlass calais.... Quad442. 1 of 1500 some odd made in 91 and it runs 15.155 at 90.87 STOCK.)

my name is craig, and im kansas local till late august. thanks guys!

(btw do you think i can make 450 at the flywheel out of my big block??)  
doin 69 in a 55...

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