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1980 Corvette 383 stroker that stutters above idle, only when driving.

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 05/30/08 08:30 AM

I need some help here!! I've got a pretty stout 383 sbc in an 80 vette that I restored. I think the problem that I'm having is in my fuel system. I have a holley black (7psi) electronic fuel pump at the tank pushing the fuel through an aeromotive regulator to a holley 770 street avenger. The pressure guage will read 7.5 psi, and slowly drop to around 2. If I open the fuel line (post regulator) the pump seems to push air out of the line and then it will run great for a little while then start falling on it's face again with any rmp more than idle. Crazy thing is it runs great no matter what the guage reads when the car is sitting. It's when I drive it that it falls on its face. Any ideas?????  

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