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Pulling a BB 396 out

I love my Chevy Chevette!
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Posted: 03/16/08 07:27 AM

Got a questions for anyone out there.  I am pulling a 396 out today and I already have the top half of the motor off. (heads, intake, blah,blah.)

I wanna pull the block out now so where am I going to attach a chain safely to the block to pull it out?

May sound like a goofy question, last motor I pulled was a 4cyl out of an escort, 15 years ago.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Smirk  

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Posted: 03/16/08 11:23 AM

well it seems that you have already removed most of the places....

time to use some grade 8,  7/16-14 X2 inch bolts with washers above and below the chain that the bolts will fit through... into some of the head bolt holes in the upper row...

do not use head bolts...  they will work.. but they are really not safe to do it... new bolts cost a few bucks..along with 3 feet of chain... and a 3 inch long grade 8 bolt, nuts and washers to make a loop for the hook to keep the motor centered on the lifting hook...

the idea of the washers above and below the chain is to protect the deck surface..  

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Posted: 03/17/08 05:56 AM

Get some Grade 8 bolts and use the head bolt hoels on the block.  

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