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5.3 truck cam suggestions

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Posted: 02/05/08 09:46 PM

I have an 02 GMC 5.3 and im looking for a little kick. I currently have a straight pipe dual exhaust, but other than that everything is factory.  I plan on installing a K&N cold air kit and a high performance torque converter.  I just dont know what cam to choose.  Im just looking for a mild cam that will give me a wider power band.  I dont want to replace pistons.  Has anyone tried a different cam that has suggestions? Thanks  

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Posted: 02/07/08 07:18 AM

I worked with cam development for the LS powered trucks a few years ago. Look at the specs for cam No. 1449545, this is around what you want in a cam for your 5.3L. Something similar in the Comp Cams line are Part Nos. 54-450-11 or 54-525-11.

Now, if you don't want to get into changing the cam, you could look at installing a set of longer ratio rockers (1.8s), new springs, and pushrods, which'll be the same as just changing the cam. If you can't do both, I'd recommend going with the rocker/springs/pushrods upgrade. The factory rockers on the LS motors aren't the best, and neither are the valvesprings and pushrods. We saw 20-30 HP gains with the Crane rockers alone, and a 10-15 gain with the chanign the springs to a dual spring in place of the factory beehive. Stiffer pushrods also help the valvetrain stability and strength if you ever plan to put your foot in it.

One important thing, and this is really critical, either of these upgrades requires the truck's computer to be tuned so you can get the most out of the parts.  

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