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Chevy zz 502 problems

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Posted: 01/20/08 06:01 PM

Does anyone know the correct spark plug for the Crate ZZ502/502 we are trying to get an intital start up to set timing and keep fouling plugs. It has a Vertex Distributor, Taylor solid core plug wires, Holley 850 Street Avenger w/elec choke. We are currently using AC Delco Rapidfire #4 plugs and fuel pressure runs at 6.5. We have problems with loading up quick and wet fouling plugs.  

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Posted: 01/20/08 07:59 PM

during this wetting startup did you block the choke open????? it is usually needed to block things open till you get everything ajusted....

if the choke does not pull off of its fully closed position it will wet the plugs...

normaly the choke will pull open about 3/16 of an inch at the top and it will be up on fast idle step 2 or so....

i personally don't know what the pick up coil and reluctor look like in a vertex dizzy.. but on every other dizzy i  set the crank to the initial timing i want.. and then line up the reluctor and pick up coil  tips... then i lock the dizzy down.. it gets me within a few degrees for startup... so there is no high voltage dizzy twisting to get it to run.....  

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