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Newbe : Initial introduction

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Newbe : Initial introduction

stu65 stu65
I love my Chevy Chevette! | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/08/13
12:19 PM

I just joined the forum I'm in Blighty (UK) and I'm running an old recondition / crated 454 (now 468) big block. The engine fits in a pretty nice cobra replica. I wanted to join the forum to gain some insights into ways of developing the engine and to resolve a few issues I have today. So I hope you don't mind but I'll be asking for some advice from you.

Anyway, looking forward to some interesting advice cheers to all. Wink  

wayne712222 wayne712222
V-6 Camaros rule! | Posts: 63 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 12/08/13
10:26 PM

sure welcome to the forums..

there are a bunch of different magazines here...

there is also  kit car magazine

feel free to ask questions..

include as much info about your current components as you can..

walk around with a video it to youtube..  paste a link here..